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Today I would like to introduce you to my virtual, extraterrestrial singer Caradeluna, who incorporates his interesting observations on planet Earth into his song lyrics from a safe distance. My imaginary lead singer has flown away on a journey from his home planet Fantastica and accidentally comes across planet Earth and the human life form that reigns there, which he observes curiously from a safe distance from his shuttle..

From his neutral perspective, he forms a picture of the nature of the strange bipeds. He observes creatures who are self-absorbed, who consider themselves irreplaceable and who not only behave destructively and arrogantly towards other life forms on this colourful, actually diverse and beautiful planet, but who are also unable to live together harmoniously and considerately and to ensure their continued existence.

It is obviously an imperfect, very destructive way of life, without the necessary qualities to live together in peace and harmony. Exploitation, pathological selfishness, injustice, intolerance and ultimately self-destruction are the dominant characteristics of this way of life, which originate from a minority, but apparently spread enormously through a great risk of contagion.

The worst among them, those with the greatest destructive factor, consider themselves irreplaceable and cling to the idea that their supposedly so important existence must continue after their death. People who think differently are often harassed, persecuted and, if necessary, mercilessly eliminated. Interestingly, this belief in one's own immortality has different manifestations, which, bizarrely, even lead to believers slaughtering each other over minor differences in belief in the worst cases or at least behaving intolerantly and destructively towards each other.

But Caradeluna also sees some positive aspects and developments in the hope that socially and intellectually more developed people will eventually be able to assert themselves and that misguided egomaniacal creatures will slowly die out. He also sees love and good people who stand up for each other, who are good-natured towards each other and who want to and can lead a life in harmony. There just need to be a lot more of them and they need to develop the strength to stand together for the good. This hope is also expressed in some of the song lyrics of the extraterrestrial observer. He sees much good that is destroyed and impaired by little evil.

This is the conclusion of his initial observations:

The most dispensable people in particular consider themselves to be the indispensable crowning glory of creation. Many of these destructive people seem to grossly overestimate their importance for the greater whole in the context of the universe. They lack the empathy and imagination to imagine what impression their life form might have on other, extraterrestrial life forms, which they observe soberly and curiously and register how on the planet called Earth a misguided, misconstrued life form eliminates each other, in which intolerance, injustice and wars prevail and at the same time regards itself as the ultimate in creation, not wanting to recognise that they are less important in the context of the universe than a grain of insignificant dust. Any hope for a positive development of mankind is based on the fact that the many good people will one day be able to free themselves from the spell of the destructive powers.